Donald Cohen: Charter Schools Are Not Accountable to Anyone

Diane Ravitch's blog

Donald Cohen writes a website called “In the Public Interest,” where he reports on privatization of the public sector: hospitals, schools, prisons, etc.

In this article, he demonstrates that charter schools are accountable to no one. If a parent is unhappy, she can’t go to a superintendent or to the district officials. Nor can she go to the charter board. The board is not elected and will be happy to see the parent go away. No one is accountable.

The recent video scandal at Success Academy, he writes, starkly demonstrates the complete lack of accountability to parents and to the public that pays the bills:

“Several weeks ago, the New York Times published a surreptitiously recorded videoof a charter school teacher berating a first grade student and ripping up her work in front of the class for being unable to explain how she solved a math problem. The publicly-funded school…

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