Raising Taxes Norquist-style and the Republican National Backfire

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In Louisiana’s 2015 legislative session, Grover Norquist of Washington, DC-based Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) was in charge of the Louisiana budget. Then-Governor Bobby Jindal had apparently signed an agreement to not raise taxes under any circumstances, and he was requiring the Louisiana legislature to advance a 2015-16 budget that would garner Norquist’s approval.

grover norquist  Grover Norquist

Keep in mind that no Louisiana taxpayer voted to put the Louisiana budget under the auspices of Norquist. But then, Jindal had been running for president for years by then, and he wanted to present himself to the nation as *not having raised taxes*.

In truth, Jindal only cornered the state legislature into disguising the taxes— $350 million worth– and to appease Jindal (who wanted to appease Norquist), the 2015 Louisiana legislature played a game by concocting a fake tax credit to go along with a nonexistent higher ed fee such that…

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