Karen Wolfe on the Joe the Plumber of 2016

Diane Ravitch's blog

Karen Wolfe, blogger and public school parent in Los Angeles, watched a CNN town hall discussion last week and saw a gentleman ask a question about K-12 education. Since none of the candidates has said much about education, this was an opportunity to get the candidate’s views.

The fellow said that he was a school principal who had introduced longer school days and got results. He asked Hillary Clinton what she thought of longer school days.

Karen did some digging and learned that the questioner was principal of an online charter school. Longer school days? What baloney! Kids log on whenever they wish and no one knows who is taking the tests. And study after study shows these online schools get poor results. They have high attrition, low test scores, low graduation rates, low-paid teachers. They are the quintessence of corporate reform. High profits for worse education.

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