Jindal’s Meddling in DHH Caused Our Budget Crisis

Crazy Crawfish

I’ve been reading a lot of vitriolic statements from various folks recently assigning blame to each other over Louisiana’s budget crisis.  For those of you who don’t know, Louisiana has approximately a billion dollars of general funding revenue to make up over the next 4 months before we start defaulting on our financial obligations.  Our entire general fund is roughly 9 billion dollars.  One outspoken critic who has little room to talk is our State Treasurer, who should have been warning us before things got as bad as they are.  Many of the ideas from our Treasurer, John Kennedy, are based on misappropriating federal funds like those allocated to food stamp recipients by the federal government.  Those make good talking points for the Senate campaign he has recently thrown his hat into the arena for, but they unworkable solutions in that the money is not fungible (any decent treasurer would…

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  1. Anonymous says:

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    You might want to rethink your premise.

    Jindal took office right after Katrina. Many of the Hospitals in New Orleans were not restarted.

    We spent $1.1 billion on the new University Medical Center which opened in August 2015

    There is a new Veterans hospital being built as a joint venture between the State and the Feds.

    And other Hospitals have been built or repaired.

    As for a Rainy Day fund – we had a lot of Rainy Days recently.

    The State – New Orleans and Lake Charles – was hit by Katrina and Rita in 2005.

    Baton Rouge was hit by Gustav in 2008.

    The Deep Water Horizons oil spill in 2010

    And in central Louisiaba by Hurricane Isaac in 2012

    And the oil price crash in 2015.

    So when would you suggest that the fund be restocked?

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