La. House Ed. Chair, Nancy Landry, Publicly Demeaned Teachers in 2012

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On January 28, 2016, the Louisiana House Education Committee chose chose Nancy Landry (R-Lafayette) as its chair.

Nancy Landry  Nancy Landry

Louisiana teachers remember Landry from 2012– March 14, 2012– and the House Education Committee hearings on the Jindal “overhaul” of Louisiana public education– which included legislation on the Jeb-Bush-influenced ed reforms of voucher expansion and grading teachers using student test scores.

The hearings were held during the school day; therefore, any teacher wishing to attend and/or testify had to leave school to do so.

Landry promoted the idea of requiring teachers to open their remarks with a statement regarding personnel issues; namely, what type of leave they were under in order to be present at the House Education Committee hearings that day. (Landry’s degrading of teachers was captured in this March 2012 article.)

Here is an 8-minute video of Landry’s proposition and the committee “vote” to require such specific…

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