Two Teachers Witness History at the Supreme Court

Diane Ravitch's blog

Two teachers went to Washington, D.C. to hear the oral arguments about the Friedrichs v. CTA case, which could be very harmful to the future of all public sector unions.

You will find their account of the justices’ views fascinating. They listened as classroom teachers. Both teachers are BATS. Marla Kilfoyle is the executive director, and Melissa Tomlinson is the assistant director.

“At 6:45 a.m., braving about 30-degree weather, we took a cab down to the Supreme Court building. Although we got there around seven a.m., we were still 30th in line. We understood clearly that were were in line to witness the case that could destroy the unions that we belong to with pride- Melissa, as a member of NEA and Marla, a member of AFT. We have personal involvement in this case, enough that spurred us to spend a better part of our summer co-writing and submitting an…

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