Peter Greene: Is Alabama Trying to Drive Out Teachers?


Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene examines the latest legislative assault on teachers in Alabama.Alabama seems to have joined a “race to the bottom” in its eagerness to demoralize anyone who teaches its children. If the legislature has its way, teaching will be a temp job, not a profession or a career.

He writes:

“Would you be willing to bet your entire teaching career that you will never have students who score low on the Big Standardized Test? Would you take the bet for a little bit more money?

“Alabama is hoping there are people who will take that bet, as their legislature rolls out the Rewarding Advancement in Instruction and Student Excellence Act– RAISE!! The actual intent of this bill is telegraphed by the fact that it has often been touted as a “tenure reform bill.” To read up on it, I suggest this piece, as well as the blog of Larry Lee…

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