Why Didn’t PARCC Issue a Press Release About Skandera as Chair?

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David Connerty-Marin is the communications director for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC).  That’s his title on the PARCC web page. It is also his title according to his Linkedin bio and his Twitter page.

connerty-marin-e1453595486381  David Connerty-Marin

However, it seems that Connerty-Marin chose not to communicate a major change in the running of PARCC: the change in PARCC chair.

Up until November 2015, the PARCC chair was Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester.

Chester is no longer PARCC chair.

New Mexico Secretary of Education Hanna Skandera is now PARCC chair.

And for some reason, PARCC communications director Connerty-Marin chose not to communicate this change. It is not mentioned on the PARCC Press Release page.

Also, the @PARCCPlace page mysteriously omits the change in the PARCC chair as well as the issue of…

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