Former Charter School Dean: An Open Letter to Staff at No-Excuses Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch's blog

Ramon Griffin, whose article was the subject of the previous post, has written an open letter to teachers and other staff at no-excuses charter schools. He wants them to reflect on the psychological costs of certain practices and to seek to transform their schools.

Griffin writes:

“Two years ago, I wrote a blog post entitled *Colonizing the Black Natives: Reflections from a former New Orleans Charter School Dean of Students. I started the piece by asking if some charters’ practices were new forms of colonial hegemony. It is vital to add that while I was employed at the school, this thought never crossed my mind. My writings were taken by some charter management administrators and staff as an *attack* instead of an opportunity critically engage and refine, deconstruct and reconstruct practices that are doing more harm than good. This time around, I’m hoping to encourage teachers and staff at No…

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