Whatever Happened To KIPP?

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

The KIPP network, founded by two 1992 TFA alumni, was once considered the ‘gold star’ of charter chains.  For a while their growth seemed inevitable, almost exponential.  They were all over the press, on Oprah, in Waiting For Superman, even present at the 2000 Republican National Convention.  But over the past two or three years, we haven’t been hearing that much about them.  Their growth seems to have flattened out and there has not been much press coverage of note.

In a recent blog post by Alexander Russo at ‘The Grade’, he wrote:

But KIPP charter schools seem like they don’t get as much media attention these days, do they?  That’s the impression I and some others have.  The thought made me wonder whether KIPP coeverage was down as steeply as it seemed, and if so, why?

He then speculates:

One obvious reason for the relative lack of attention in…

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