Washington State: Whose Children Matter Most?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Washington state has a school problem. The legislature confronts two court decisions that it doesn’t  like.

First, the highest state court ordered the legislature to fund the schools fairly. For every day the legislature fails to do so, it pays a fine of $100,000. This affects 1,070,000 children.

Second, the court ruled that charter schools are not public schools and cannot receive public funding. This was a direct rebuff to Bill Gates, who lives in Seattle and spent millions on a referendum supporting charters that won by less than 1%. He and his friends want the legislature to bypass the court ruling so charters can get public money. This affects 1,000 children.

Which issue do you think the legislature acted on?

The one that mattered to Bill Gates and 1,000 students, of course.

The State Senate voted 27-20 in favor of a “fix” that allows charters to get public funding…

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