Illinois Plans to Cut Special Education Funding in She’ll Game

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Beverley Holden Johns, an expert in special education, warns of a move planned by the Legislature to give money to poor districts by taking away special education funding from other districts. Poor districts gain at the expense of kids with disabilities. There is no increase in funding overall.

Subject: TRIB: Diverts special ed $ for general purposes
You cannot spend the same money twice.
In his last weekly message Illinois State Superintendent of Education Tony Smith stated:
“Reallocate the appropriation for the Special Education –
Funding for Children Requiring Special Education Services
line ($305.2 million) into the GSA [General State Aid] appropriations to increase the Foundation Level.”
If you are reallocating over $300 million to increase the Foundation Level in GSA, you cannot also spend that money on special education.
If you spend the money on special education, you have not increased the Foundation level.
This is the Illinois version…

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