Schneider’s ESSA Digest, Part IV (Switching Documents)

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On December 18, 2015, I began writing a series of posts on the Every Student Achieves Act (ESSA), the latest reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA).

I began my series using the 1,061-page ESSA conference report draft. Since that time, the 1,061-page conference draft has been reformatted and condensed into this 391-page final version.

The content of the two documents is identical; only the formatting differs.

For my first three posts of this series, I used the 1,061-page draft. My first entry covers the first 47 pages. My second entry continues by adding info from pages 47 to 90, and my third entry covers pages 90 to 105.

In this fourth post, I transition from using the 1,061-page version to the condensed, 391-page version.

I began writing this post using the longer version; so, for the first part of the post, I offer page…

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