New York Times: Supreme Court Seems Likely to Rule Against Unions

Diane Ravitch's blog

The New York Times reports on today’s hearings about the Friedrichs vs. CTA case and says that questioning did not appear favorable to the public sector unions. If the unions lose, workers who do not join can enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining without having to pay their fair share.

Adam Liptak wrote:

The Supreme Court seemed poised on Monday to deliver a severe blow to organized labor.

In a closely watched case brought by 10 California teachers, the court’s conservative majority seemed ready to say that forcing public workers to support unions they have declined to join violates the First Amendment.

A ruling in the teachers’ favor would affect millions of government workers and culminate a political and legal campaign by a group of prominent conservative foundations aimed at weakening public-sector unions. Those unions stand to lose fees from both workers who object to the positions the unions take…

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