La. Governor John Bel Edwards’ Inaugural Speech (and Some Commentary)

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I became involved in the fight against corporate education reform in March 2012 as part of the effort to recall Bobby Jindal as Louisiana governor.

With the backing and influence of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Jindal had the Stepford-household allegiance of most of the 2012 Louisiana legislature, which had in March 2012 advanced with lightening speed Acts 1 (“Teacher Tenure” Law) and 2 (Vouchers). Also in late 2011, Bush had helped Jindal seat a state ed board (BESE) that would approve Jindal’s choice for corporate-reform-promoting state superintendent, Teach for America (TFA) ladder climber, John White.

In 2012, our efforts to recall Bobby Jindal did not work, but it is January 11, 2016, and he is gone now.

Jindal left Louisiana in a major budgetary crisis, and he used his position as governor to try to advance his own career, one that he hoped would lead to the White House…

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