Indiana: Governor Agrees to Pause A-F Grades for Schools

I love the fact this was such a “success” in other states that they are suspending the program and Texas decides it is a good idea to go down this well traveled path.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Governor Mike Pence agreed to pause the A-F school grading program because of major problems with the testing program on which the grades are based. Superintendent Glenda Ritz had advocated such a pause and Pence has adamantly refused to consider it.

A-F school grades were first implemented by then-Governor Jeb Bush in Florida and have since spread to many states where privatizers want to embarrass, humiliate, and privatize as many schools as possible. New York City tried the A-F grading system for a few years under Mayor Bloomberg, but Mayor de Blasio stopped this irrational method of appraising schools.

In Indiana, the test scores drive punitive consequences:

State test scores are key factors in determining teacher pay decisions as well as school A-F grades. Because the state introduced new, more challenging standards in 2014, ISTEP passing rates are expected to drop 16 percentage points in English and 24 percentage points…

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