A Few Messages to Exxon’s Rex Tillerson

Diane Ravitch's blog

As many educators and parents have noted, Exxon’s CEO Rex Tillerson is a fervent advocate of the Common Core standards. He thinks our schools are turning out “defective products,” something that Exxon would never do.

Mercedes Schneider weighed in here.  She says that the Fortune article demonstrated that Common Core is a corporate tool meant to produce compliant workers.

Mercedes writes:

CCSS is hugely controversial, if for no other reason than its rushed-and-hushed creation. And surely one must wonder about the motives behind Gates’ continued push of what is little more than a Gates latest-and-greatest pet project.

Had CCSS been developed and implemented with sense– one grade level at a time, openly, and prior to any formal state adoption– the “hugely controversial” component would have been quelled.

Mercedes wonders why the big corporate chieftains didn’t ask for evidence before they swallowed CCSS whole.

California parent Joan Davidson thinks that…

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