Anthony Mize: “I Am Elizabeth Vergara’s Teacher: This Is My Story”

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Anthony Mize was the eighth-grade teacher of Elizabeth Vergara, the lead plaintiff in the case that seeks to eliminate teacher tenure, “Vergara v. California.”

Funded by a Silicon Valley zillionaire named David Welch and a group he created callef Students Matter, Elizabeth Vergara and other students claimed that they were denied equal protection of the law because they were taught by inferior teachers, protected in their job by tenure. However, her teacher Anthony Mize did not have tenure when he taught Elizabeth nor does he have tenure now. He is writing a book about his experience as the teacher who allegedly harmed Elizabeth Vergara. This is an excerpt from his book, which he generously shares here.

Mize writes:

Battle Cry

Does a soldier hear the explosion that’s about to change him? What about the ordinary man? Does he hear the bomb go off, knowing it was detonated, yet blind to…

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