North Carolina: The End of Public Education?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Lindsay Wagner describes the devastation of public education in North Carolina, once the most progressive state in the south. No more.

Since the Republican sweep of the Legislature in 2010 and the governorship in 2012, public schools have been set up for demolition, and replaced by unaccountable charters, vouchers, and virtual charters.

Since taking charge in Raleigh, conservative lawmakers have been steering public dollars into a range of alternatives to traditional public schools that march under the banner of “school choice.”
Beginning as a trickle, but with the potential to become a flood, spending is growing for vouchers to pay tuition at private and religious schools; an expanded roster of charter schools run by for-profit companies; and two virtual charter schools operated by a scandal-plagued company.

Meanwhile, those same legislators are squeezing conventional K-12 schools with budgets that place North Carolina near the bottom of national rankings for teacher…

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