Yong Zhao and Pasi Sahlberg: Why Andreas Schleicher Is Wrong About Testing in the US

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Andreas Schleicher is the director of that section of the OECD in charge of international testing. He recently claimed that Americans are not over tested. He can’t understand why parents and teachers are complaining so much, when students in other nations take many more tests than American students.

Since this seemed counter-intuitive, I called on two great international experts–Pasi Sahlberg and Yong Zhao– who work with OECD data frequently. Both responded promptly.

Here are their comments on Schleicher’s claim that American students are not over tested:

Pasi Sahlberg, author of Finnish Lessons and currently a Visiting Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, writes:

“Education myth: American students are over-tested,” says the title in the Hechinger Report on 7 December 2015. That story covers the frustration of OECD’s education chief Andreas Schleicher after he attended recent education summit held at the White House. Schleicher concluded that the United States…

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