Resigned Alabama Teacher of the Year Now in the Running for Alabama Person of the Year!

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On the evening of December 07, 2015, I had an email from Ann Marie Corgill, the 2014-15 Alabama Teacher of the Year whose October 2015 resignation made national news. (To read about Corgill’s ordeal in detail based upon my exclusive interview with her, see this post.)

Ann Marie Corgill 3  Ann Marie Corgill

The subject line of her email read, “Check this out….”

So I did.

It included a link to this December 07, 2015, story entitled, “Who Has Your Vote for Alabama’s Person of the Year?”

Sure enough, Corgill is on the ballot:

After a week of voting on 25 of the most shared and talked about stories on in 2015, our readers narrowed the list down to 10.

What do these 10 have in common?

Some spoke truth to power, such as…

Alabama’s Teacher of the Year who resigned: Ann Marie Corgill, Alabama’s 2014 Teacher of the Year…

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