Cody and Dufresne: No Art Left Behind

Diane Ravitch's blog

Anthony Cody has been running a series of articles about the importance of art in school on his blog “Living in Dialogue.”

I will post each of the series.

This is number one. 

It contains a beautiful statement by Susan Dufresne, kindergarten teacher and artist:

Art is healing and meditative for children and teachers. It is inspiring and allows a different kind of space for free and creative expression. Art builds self-confidence in a way that children need. It develops listening skills and an ability to work from part-to-whole. It develops trust in one’s teacher.

Art develops executive functioning skills, impulse control, delayed gratification skills, planning and organizing skills, fine motor skills, and visual spatial skills. Art develops meta-cognition skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Art increases experiences of joy in all children and during the process of a shared joyful Art experience, our immune systems get the same kind…

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