Peter Greene: ESSA Doesn’t Solve Any Problems, It Just Shifts Them to the States

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene wonders why the excitement over the Every Student Succeeds Act (replacing No Child Left Behind, which says the same thing). How do you spell NCLB backwards? ESSA.

If the Tea Party and right-wing extremists control your state, you still have to fight for the survival of public schools and professional educators.

The ESSA doesn’t settle anything. It doesn’t solve anything. Every argument and battle that supporters of public schools (and the teachers and students whowork and learn in public schools) will still be fought– the difference is that now those arguments will be held in state capitols instead of Washington DC.

Depending on your state, that may be good news. Or it may be that the best we can say is that your state government isn’t any worse, and they live closer to you.

There are definite advantages. State government officials are easier to find, to get to…

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