John Ogozolek On the GOP Debate

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John Ogozalek teaches high school in upstate New York. He watched some of the GOP debate last night (his stomach is stronger than mine) and reacted to one of Marco Rubio’s memorable lines.

He writes:

“A great howler from the GOP debate last night:

“We need more welders and less philosophers…” Marco Rubio

Now I wish I could weld. Seriously. 10 years of Upstate New York winters have seriously rotted my car. And, I’ve had plenty of great students who go into trades like welding. I respect people who can do these jobs.

But, c’mon. Can Marco Rubio aim any lower?

Why can’t welders ALSO be philosophers??? (And, vice versa!)

Neil Postman wrote a great piece, a graduation speech, he never had a chance to give. I used it years ago when I taught ninth grade Global Studies.

Postman compares the Athenians, who valued wisdom and art to the…

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