Jason France’s Leadership in the Common Core Fight in Louisiana and Why He is the Best Candidate in District 6

Crazy Crawfish

One of the re-occurring questions I get on the campaign trail is my position on Common Core. So let me say this in no uncertain terms – Common Core is a disaster for Louisiana.

I was one of the first people in the state to raise the alarm bells about Common Core, starting about 3 years ago. Before being against Common Core became cool, I was one of the lone voices against this federal overreach, and one of the earliest leaders in the movement and I received a lot of ridicule in those days.

Before Governor candidate John Bel Edwards had formed an opinion on the subject Lee Barrios (running in BESE district 1) met John Bel to educate him on the topic in a CC’s coffee house a few years ago. Edwards had not made up his mind at that point, but we did our best to set him…

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