TFA Divorced from Corporate Reform: Donkeys Flying

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In a September 19, 2015, post, Teach for America (TFA) alum-gone-legitimate-teacher and fellow blogger, Gary Rubinstein, reflects upon the departure of one of two TFA “co-CEOs,” Matt Kramer.

In his post, Rubinstein notes that this co-CEO arrangement occurred in March 2013, when “TFA stock was at an all time high.” TFA founder Wendy Kopp had moved on to become CEO of the international version of TFA, Teach for All.

I was surprised to read Rubinstein’s advice that TFA “need not go down with the ‘reform’ ship.”

Trying to extract “reform” from TFA is not possible. TFA is corporate reform, and TFA without corporate reform leaves only legitimately trained, career-intended, non-ladder-climbing, dedicated teachers.

Non-corporate-reform TFA would have to publicly admit that teaching is an actual profession and that the TFA product is at best a two-dimensional, cardboard cut-out of a substitute. Such an admission would be TFA’s undeniably-market-reform undoing.

Ironically, trying to…

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