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Politico: Who is the REAL Arne Duncan?

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Michael Grunwald, who usually writes about politics, not education, has posted a mostly admiring profile of Arne Duncan. Bottom line: He really cares! What he leaves out: Arne’s persistent support for privatization of…

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Candidates Routinely Threaten Wall Street, Follow Through with Little More than a Stern Scolding

Originally posted on 34justice:
In this post, Part 2 in a series on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Emilio da Costa documents some of the actions that President Barack Obama has taken in the interests of the very wealthy. Emilio,…

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Hillsborough County Schools Loses Both Gates Money and Financial Reserves

Originally posted on deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog:
In November 2009, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the Hillsborough County (Florida) Public Schools a $100 million grant as part of its “Empowering Effective Teachers” effort: Hillsborough County Public Schools Date: November 2009…

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