A Molly Horstman Update

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Molly Horstman was the Teach for America (TFA) hire in the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) who was labeled “director” of the high-stakes, ever-changing, waste-of-time ersatz “teacher evaluation system,” COMPASS, in 2012.

molly horstman  Molly Horstman

She left the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) in 2013, and given that TFA status tends to usher one from one soft career landing to another, I thought I would see where she has ended up. The fact that she has no notable training or experience to recommend her to another high position is irrelevant in the well-financed and -connected world of TFA-friendly corporate ed reform.

Nevertheless, a Google search of Horstman yielded nothing in the last couple of years.

But before proceeding with current Horstman, let’s relive some of that Horstman-centered drama from 2012-13, when the proverbial poop and fan met as her name became associated with “director of COMPASS”:

Here is Horstman’s professional…

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