Los Angeles: A Teacher, Falsely Accused

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Do you want to know why teachers need due process (aka “tenure”)? Read the story below, sent by reader Drew Pepper.

Here’s another story of how LAUSD (mis)handles a case where a teacher is accused of something:


1) LAUSD and Sun Valley High teacher Jason Duchan discovers a student drawing genitals on his desk, then reports this to the principal, who then informs the student’s parents, causing the student to get in big trouble with the adults both at school and at home;

2) That same night, the student retaliates by fabricating a Facebook page that is supposedly created by the teacher, Jason Duchan, full of lewd images and writing—all in an effort to frame Duchan; the teacher remains unaware of the page’s existence for over a year;

3) A year or so later, LAUSD’s “Student Safety Investigative Team” (yeah, that’s what the call it) discovers the Facebook page…

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