Welcome to the Class of 2015 — We Need You

Daniel Katz, Ph.D.

This week, our teacher preparation program welcomes the graduates of the Class of 2015 as our professional colleagues.  These accomplished young teachers are joining the profession at a time of great challenges, but also at a time of great opportunities, and having worked with them closely for the past four years, I am convinced that they will find those opportunities.  These young people are intelligent; they are dedicated; they are talented; and they are prepared.  It has been an immense pleasure to see them the past four years.

It would be a disservice to these young people to downplay the challenges facing them as new members of the profession, although it is also true that they have witnessed the battles we know face from their inception.  Today’s graduates were mostly born in 1993 which means that they were in third grade when the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001

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