Is California on the Right Track? (UPDATED TITLE)

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[In response to many comments by teachers in California who insist that the state is NOT on the right track, I have revised the title, turning it into a question, not a judgment.]

Jeff Bryant, one of the nation’s most sensible commentators in education, describes the chaos that NCLB and Race to the Top have unleashed on schools. Matters have been made worse by battles over Commin Core and the reaction against Common Core testing.

One state, he says, seems to be navigating these treacherous waters: California, thus far with minimal turmoil.

Bryant interviews veteran educator and former state superintendent Bill Honig about California’s path. (Note: Bill has been a good friend of mine since the mid-1980s, when he invited me to participate in rewriting the state’s history-social sciences curriculum, a document that remains in use).

Bryant writes:

“Instead of taking massive budget cuts to public schools, California is flowing…

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