When Does the Teacher Abuse Stop?

Year after year I watch teachers that have spent their whole life committed to being teachers and educators heading for the exit door.

They have had enough:

-enough being bullied by administrators

-enough spending extra time for their students without any appreciation

-enough writing lesson plans to the “nth” degree to suit someone that will never even read them

-enough trying to get students to pass that have absolutely no interest in being in school

-enough of students not making a bit of effort

-enough being told their failure rate is too high

-enough student disrespect

-enough grading excessive amounts papers

-enough spending extra time at school instead of with their families

-enough having student discipline referrals being kicked back to them because the administrators don’t want to deal with them

-enough being blamed for everything that is wrong with education

-enough sitting in in-service that is meaningless

-enough having class loads of 200+ students

-enough having multiple classes of 40, 45, or more

-enough buying supplies with their own money so they have them for their classes

-enough denying their family extra because the they spend the money on school supplies

-enough of student arriving to class with no paper, pencil or neither

-enough being treated like second class citizens by the politicians

-enough watching inferior people receive promotions

-enough poor salary raises each year

-enough health insurance premium increases that eat up the supposed poor salary raises

-enough having to work extra jobs just to make ends meet

-enough seeing girls come to school dress like street walkers

-enough watching kids with sagging pants

-enough mindless days administering state tests

-enough days administering practice tests

-enough seeing students placed in courses they have no business being enrolled in to begin with.

-enough “reform”

-enough unreasonable demands

-enough being the scapegoat for all that is wrong with public education

-enough unfunded mandates from the state


This is just a starting list. Please add other items that you have had enough of.

David R Taylor

27-year Teacher, Coach, and Principal

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13 Responses to When Does the Teacher Abuse Stop?

  1. Kim Bricker says:

    Enough of parents not holding their kids accountable.

    Enough of failing grades being the teacher’s fault.

    Enough of being “graded” by state tests taken by kids who don’t want to be there.

  2. my 2 sense says:

    Enough of hearing parents say, “I don’t know what to do with her either,” when their daughter has a cell phone, professional nails, the latest fashion clothing, ….none of which are being taken away until she shapes up.

    Enough of students coming to class for the sheer purpose of disrupting and trampling on everyone else’s rights.

    Enough of principals who don’t back their teachers.

    Enough of the revolving door of fads that do little more than make some consultant rich.

    Enough of doing without phonics instruction when everyone knows that it is the reason students can’t read.

    Enough of doing without memorizing multiplication facts when everyone knows that it is the reason students can’t do math.

    Enough of students who never say, “Please” or “Thank you.”

  3. Debbie says:

    My “enough” was having to serve my students breakfast in my classroom.

  4. KD says:

    I retired from teaching in 2011…..miss the kids, everything else? I do not…

  5. PJ says:

    Enough parents who don’t even try to problem solve with the teacher and just leapfrog straight to admin. Enough tolerance of low standards and bad conduct. Enough excuses and blame. Enough 12-15 hour days. Enough disrespect from those with power to change it. Enough mediocre staff because the truly great teachers abandoned ship. Enough culture of entitlement. Enough failure to prepare kids for the real world. Enough gossip and bullying. Enough incompetence of everyone involved from top to bottom.

    • Amy says:

      I have ALWAYS said that about mediocrity.
      Enough of the mediocre teachers being catered to and given an easy group of students (no SE, ESL, 504, etc.) because they can’t handle it.
      Enough of the most outstanding teachers being punished and abused because they are good at their job.

  6. my 2 sense again says:

    Enough of pretending education can be run like a factory.
    Enough of parents not bothering to check homework, grades, assignments.
    Enough of inflating grades so parents can imagine their child is an A/B student too.
    Enough of trying to call parents who leave no working phone number with the school.
    Enough of teachers buying supplies with their own money while each year the number of administrators doubles.

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