Can Your 3rd Grader Read 300 Words a Minute?

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Kevin Glynn, who blogs as Lace to the Top, teaches elementary school. In this post, he describes the extraordinary demands of the third grade Common Core in Néw York.

“Can your 8 year old read 300 words per minute? Mine can’t. In fact, I don’t know anyone who can. Yet, that is exactly what Common Core state tests require.

“In looking through samples of Common Core state tests on engageNY for third graders, I find myself once again puzzled by what they are asking our children to do.

“The typical Common Core passage is 600 words in length. During the first day, (of a 3 day test) students are required to read a minimum of 5 passages and answer 30 questions. Students have 70 minutes to complete day one of the test.

“If a student spends only 1 minute reading and analyzing each of the 30 questions, they will have…

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