Tah-Dah: The Coveted BUNKUM Awards!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Every year, the National Education Policy Center selects the absolutely worst research, worst  policy proclamations, and worst think tank pronouncements and bestows upon them the Bunkum Award. Here are the winners! Open the link to watch the thrilling video.
2014 Bunkum Honorees:

The ‘Class Size Reductio ad Absurdum’ Award
To GEMS Education Solutions for The Efficiency Index

Comparing international test scores and drawing ominous conclusions is quite the rage. Also, as GEMS Educational Solutions found, it is a great way to garner credulous coverage from The Economist and the BBC. All that’s needed is a pile of data and a mathematical model, and one can do creative things like rank countries’ educational systems based on their “efficiency.” It apparently matters not how much sense it all makes, as long as it can be puffed up with something that sounds sufficiently intimidating, such as a stochastic frontier analysis, to lend…

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