Mercedes Schneider Gives Advice to Peter Cunningham

Diane Ravitch's blog

I don’t often respond to people who criticize me. At my age, I can’t waste time looking back. I try to keep my eyes on the future, not on my back.

Fortunately there is Mercedes Schneider, who has my back.

The other day, Peter Cunningham wrote a post criticing me for switching from pro-testing to anti-testing. Peter used to be Arne Duncan’s assistant secretary for communications and was referred to by admirers as “Arne’s brain.” Now he is off on his own as a consultant or public relations guy or something like that. He received $12 million from the Walton, Broad, and Bloomberg foundations to start a blog called “Education Post,” supposedly to promote civility. This was his platform for criticizing me. It has also been a site for attacking other critics of corporate education reform, like Carol Burris.

Mercedes Schneider offered Peter some advice. She recommended that he read…

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