Reader: Nevada Wants to Adopt Everything That Has Failed in Other States

Diane Ravitch's blog

A reader who goes by the name “Old Teacher” offered this update on events in Nevada:

Here in Nevada our governor has proposed a tax hike, not to support our existing schools, but rather, to support charter schools, vouchers, and best of all, a new statewide achievement district. The proposed achievement district comes with all the latest reformy goodness; freedom from collective bargaining, the ability to fully utilize TFA instead of fully trained teachers, and, the highest paid administrator in the state, a man rejected by two districts, who by law can not evaluate any educator or administrator, Pedro Martinez. Because such goodness is brought to us by near one percent millionaires of Hispanic descent, Messrs Sandoval and Martinez surely have the best interests of minorities at heart. The fact that Mr. Martinez is an accountant and has been trained by the Broad academy guarantees the success of this venture…

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