Sara Stevenson: Get Ready for the Big Teacher Exodus

Diane Ravitch's blog

Sara Stevenson, librarian at the O. Henry School in Austin and tireless defender of public schools and teachers, wrote this article, which was published in the Austin American-Statesman. Unfortunately, it is behind a pay wall. However, Sara solved that problem by posting it on her personal blog. Sara writes a letter to the editor of The Wall Stret Journal whenever it bashes public schools or teachers and whenever it extols the virtues of vouchers; many of them get published. she is a one-woman truth squad for the WSJ.

She writes:

“If teachers are the most important school factor in student achievement, how do our current policies and national conversation help us to grow and retain better teachers? Tenured Stanford University professor Eric Hanushek wants us to fire “bad teachers,” but we should worry more about keeping the good ones. This year my public middle school lost a wave of…

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