Larry Lee: Guess Who Is Bashing Alabama’s Teachers?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Larry Lee is a writer in Alabama who has studied rural schools.

He writes:

“Teacher bashing” has become as common as bugs on a car windshield. It’s just something we’ve come to expect from the misguided and uninformed. However, I do not understand why universities, like Troy University in Alabama, spew venom at educators.

Troy has been around for nearly 130 years and like many regional colleges in the South, was created expressly to train teachers. In fact, it was known as Troy State Teachers College for years. Today they have one of the larger colleges of education in Alabama and have awarded degrees to 2,000 teachers in the past decade.

Yet a few days ago they released a dreadful attempt at scholarship entitled “Reinventing the Alabama K-12 System to Engage More Children in Productive Learning.” Once again we are subjected to a regurgitation of discredited notions about vouchers, charters…

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