Texas Education Agency mixes up students’ STAAR test booklets and answer sheets

The following was written by Kyle D. Massey of Waco and his attempts to view his son’s STAAR Test, that he opted him out of in the spring of 2014.

On April 23rd we sent a request to review the STAAR test materials that were administered to our son. Yes, we “opted-out” of the STAAR tests last Spring, so our son didn’t actually take them, but the TEA still scored the tests that would have been given to our son had we not opted out… so in their view, he did take the STAAR tests and he got a zero on all of them. Crazy logic, but that’s what they did.

You can see the letter we sent to request access to the testing materials here. Of course, we got the run around from our school district and the TEA, but eventually, working through our lawyer, we were able to get an appointment confirmation. The TEA initially asked that we travel to Austin to view the testing materials, but we insisted that the burden to travel in order to exercise this basic parental right was not acceptable, and instead parents should be able to review the tests given to their children (tests that are administered in their local schools) without having to travel. The fact that the school packaged up all the testing materials and shipped them to Austin is not really our problem. And if they were able to send the materials to Austin so quickly, then they should have no problem sending our son’s testing materials back to Waco for us. In fact, we submitted our request to view the testing materials while the tests were still at our local school. It was after the receipt of our letter that the testing materials were shipped away. In the end, the TEA did make arrangements for us to review our son’s testing materials in Waco. Full Article

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