Peter Greene: Why Are Common Core Standards Written in Stone?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene asks a simple, logical question: why are the Common Core standards written in stone? “Not just stone, but stone mounted in cement crazy-glued to bedrock all sealed in amber.”

The Common Core standards are copyrighted. “…if you want to use them, you must do so as is, with not a single change. States may add up to 15% on top of what’s there, but they may not rewrite the CCSS in any way, shape, form, jot, tittle, or squib. States cannot adjust the standards a little to suit themselves. They cannot adapt them to fit local needs. They can’t touch them.”

Even more astonishingly, there is no process for revision or appeal.

In every field of activity “It is taken as an article of faith that any set of plans and policies will contain problems that will come to light after implementation, and there must be a method…

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