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Sunday Dialogue: Our Choices for Schools

This from The New York Times Sunday Dialogue: Our Choices for Schools – NYTimes.com// Readers react to a letter calling for greater support of public schools rather than “school choice.”  To the Editor: A prevailing belief in the United States … Continue reading

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Rebecca Mead: Why Louis C.K.’s Complaints about Common Core Matter

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Thank goodness at least one prominent journalist in the mainstream media sends her child to public school! ? At Rebecca Mead’s public school, two-thirds of the children opted out of the state tests…

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Revisiting James Baldwin’s “Black English”

Originally posted on radical eyes for equity:
The first five or six years of teaching high school English have blurred in my memory, but certain days, certain events, and certain students remain vivid. One day in those years a young…

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