Robert Shepherd Does a Close Reading of the Common Core and Doesn’t Like What He Sees

Diane Ravitch's blog

Robert Shepherd, a regular commentator on the blog, has a long career as an author and a developer of curriculum, textbooks, and every other aspect of education publishing. From his comments on this blog, we know he has strong feelings about the Common Core. Let’s be blunt: He is not a fan. He has seen the future and he does not like what he sees.

Shepherd writes:

Dear Common Core Curriculum Commissariat and Ministry of Truth:

Orwell did not mean for 1984 to be a public policy manual.

Democracy might be dead in the United States, but we intend to resurrect it.

We see through your Doublespeak.

We will resist your Philistine technocratic vision of the future.

We will resist standardization.

We will resist your fascist mandates.

We will call upon others to do so as well.

We will tell them to opt their children out of your data machine…

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