Pre-K Makes Sense, But Some on the Right Don’t Want to Believe the Evidence

We need more fully funded Pre-K Programs for all students, not just the poor and English Language Learners.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Grover Whitehurst of the Brookings Institution has become
the GOP’s go-to guy for proclamations against universal
pre-kindergarten. Whitehurst was education research director for
the George W. Bush administration, and he provides the ammunition
for those who say that pre-kindergarten has no lasting benefits and
“doesn’t work.” His arguments are useful for those who don’t want
to pay the price of supplying early childhood education for
families that can’t afford it.

However, W. Steven Barnett, one of
the nation’s leading experts on early childhood education, refuted
Whitehurst’s arguments
in the Washington
at Valerie Strauss’s Answer Sheet. Barnett went
through Whitehurst’s arguments, one by one, and explodes every one
of them. He describes them as wrong, and even “shockingly

Barnett writes: Whitehurst claims that “Not
one of the studies that has suggested long-term positive impacts of
center-based early childhood programs has been based on a
well-implemented and appropriately analyzed randomized

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