Texas: Parents Opt Their Child Out of Testing and Test Prep

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Kyle and Jennifer Massey in Waco, Texas, wrote a respectful letter to their child’s principal explaining why they would not permit him to take the state STAAR tests or to engage in test prep for STAAR testing. As his parents, they care more about their child than the Legislature or Governor Perry or Pearson. They clearly, in this instance, know more than the legislators who are influenced by lobbyists to keep piling on more testing without regard to the best interests of children or our society. They want for their child what “the best and wisest parent ” wants for his own children: a full, rich, creative, liberating education, one that prepares him for life in a democracy, not endless drill and practice for tests that are prepared thousands of miles away, whose sole purpose is to rate their child, his teachers, his principal, and his school.

The Masseys write:

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2 Responses to Texas: Parents Opt Their Child Out of Testing and Test Prep

  1. kyle Massey says:

    Thanks for reposting this. The more support the better. We need to encourage other parents to stand up for public education and opt out of high stakes standardized testing.

    • drext727 says:

      The whole thing has gotten ridiculous. The students don’t have the ability to think any more…only take test. Your letter was well written. I keep writing as frequently as I can to raise the awareness about issues in education, especially in the State of Texas.

      The place we really need to make lots of noise is during elections. It is time to get these narrow minded, short sighted, mentally challenge people out of Austin. Little Ricky, It time for you to go.

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