What Happens to Doctors When the Right Answer Is Wrong?

This is an interesting read. You have new doctors that are allowed to make patients go through unnecessary tests and keep their license but, if a teacher fails more than twenty percent of their students then they get a corrective action plan. There is something drastically wrong here.

Diane Ravitch's blog

This is a terrific article that appeared on the New York Times blog.

Written by Abigail Zuger, M.D., it is titled “The Real World Is Not an Exam.”

Dr. Zuger explains what happens to the brilliant young doctors who aced every standardized test (there were so many of them!), but were flummoxed when it came time to diagnose a complicated real-life problem presented by a patient.

She gives examples of how these hotshots dealt with new situations: Badly.

They looked for the right answer, but there was none. What was needed was judgment and experience, and they didn’t have enough of either.

Dr. Zuger sees these young doctors as victims of linear thinking, a very bad habit caused by taking too many standardized tests with a single right answer.

She writes:

In 2009, a Supreme Court decision upheld the validity of multiple-choice testing for evaluating firefighters for promotion, prompting a…

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