Tom Loveless on Shanghai: The Scores Are Rigged, and OECD Doesn’t Care

Apples and Walnuts. There is not point for a fair comparison.

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Tom Loveless of the Brookings Institution calls on the OECD and PISA to stop permitting China to present data that does not represent the full population of students.

For one thing, only Shanghai is tested–and Shanghai is not representative of China.

Loveless writes that Shanghai’s #1 ranking on all subjects is misleading because it excludes the children of migrant workers.

He writes:

Shanghai has a school system that excludes most migrant students, the children of families that have moved to the city from rural areas of China.  And now for three years running, the OECD and PISA continue to promote a distorted picture of Shanghai’s school system by remaining silent on the plight of Chinese migrant children and what is one of the greatest human rights calamities of our time.

The numbers are staggering.  There are an estimated 230 million migrants in China.[1]  Approximately 5-6 million people have…

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