Teacher: Idaho Doesn’t Care about Education

Diane Ravitch's blog

A billionaire family in Idaho has been running ads (“Don’t Fail, Idaho”) disparaging the schools as failures. The Albertson family wants to promote online learning, which will save money but provide worse education. A member of the family invests in K12.

A sad story from an Idaho teacher:

I live in Idaho. I have seen public education dollars drop so low, that we are seeing our largest district in the state, struggling to hold on, using up reserves they once had. The push of charter schools in this state is high.

Idaho has reduced it’s public funding to schools since 2001. The voters of Idaho approved a 1% sales tax increase back in 2006 that was earmarked for education, only for the state to remove other funds that were allocated towards education, to help support a decrease in business property tax. Education lost money in this deal. I know…

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