A Shocking Display of Common Sense in Syracuse

Diane Ravitch's blog

Michael Gilbert, a school psychologist at Meachem Elementary School in Syracuse, New York, offers words of wisdom to his fellow citizens.

Please read and share them.

He writes:

….Much of what is happening in public education “reform” is not about what is in the best interest of students and schools. It is about politics, power, special interests and money.

All children in public schools are riding in the back of this proverbial bus in some way or another. Parents have a right to be outraged, but I doubt that most of them fully understand the current state of affairs. When it comes to public education, we can no longer assume that our children’s best interests are being served. This will continue to be the case so long as state and federal mandates are issued by individuals lacking basic knowledge of child development and education.

Lately there have been a…

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