Cloaking Inequity

Happy New Year 2013!

I have often posted on school vouchers over the past few months. Why? There are factions in Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere that still argue they are efficacious educational policy and are pressing them into law. They are not. See CI’s thread on vouchers here. IUPRA will soon release a brief entitled Do Vouchers Create More Inequality?: Lessons from Universal Implementation in Chile based on excerpts that I have already published here on CI (1,2,3,4,5). I will start a new voucher series this week based on a new policy brief entitled Are Vouchers a Panacea?: Lessons from U.S. Implementation that will be released by IUPRA in January.

I will begin today with an introduction to the new series and discuss vouchers and school finance. These posts are written in conjunction with Anthony LeClair, Melinda A. Lemke and Allen McMurrey. Some of…

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