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This teacher wrote a great letter to President Obama. I hope you will write one also, and send it to my colleague anthony_cody@hotmail.com

October 6, 2012
Dear President Obama: I Feel As Though I’m Playing In The Band On The Titanic

My part in the presidential letter writing campaign this October.

The Titanic was a behemoth that was too large for its time. It could not change course to avoid obstacles due to its massive size, yet this juggernaut was capable of 24 knots (about 28 mph to us land-bound souls). Despite being the marvel of its day, it sank in less than three hours after hitting an iceberg. My favorite Titanic story is about how the band kept playing until the last possible moment. It was only their job, but they knew that it would calm the masses as they were fighting for room in the sparse lifeboats. Today…

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